The Mucem and fort saint-jean


By Nadège

If you visit Marseille and do not have a lot of time but still want to enjoy an amazing view, relax in a beautiful garden full of history or simply have a glimpse of the oldest neighborhood of the city, then you should not miss the Mucem and the fort saint-jean.

Mucem and Fort Saint-Jean: Heart of the history of Marseille

The Mucem museum is located in the Panier, the oldest neighborhood of Marseille.

The museum was built in the fort garden and you can visit the garden and the fortification for free.

The place is truly amazing. 2600 years ago, the first greek settlers established themselves on this promontory in order to keep an eye on the sea.

During the middle-age the Babon castle was built to protect the people of Marseille from the attacks of the barbarians and in the 17th century Louis the XIV built the fort to house its troops.

Fort Saint-jean : A Mediterranean vegetable garden

Mucem and Saint John fort - A vase of flowers sitting on a bench - Wildflower

A walk in the garden will give you an overview of what our ancestors were consuming and what they were using to cure themselves.

Vegetables, grenade,orange and olive trees, seasonings…the landscape gardeners made sure to have all the plants of the time represented in the garden.

The order of Malta

The first knights of the order of saint-john the baptist established themselves in Marseille on the 12th century

Their chapel still remains today and can be seen in the fort.

Marseille was a starting point for many pilgrims during the middle-age and the knights established their commandery in the fort.

Mucem and Saint John fort - A castle on top of a building - Facade

The Mucem is the best showcase for what’s going on around the Mediterranean.

It offers many exhibitions and a cultural program about anthropology, history, archeology, contemporary art … to show the public the multiple facet of the Mediterranean world.

Along the sea, at the entrance of the old port, its location is ideal to have a glimpse of the beauty and treasures that Marseille has to offer.


How to go to The Mucem

Adress :7 Promenade Robert Laffont, 13002 Marseille
Metro Vieux port M1 +10 minutes walk on the Quai du Port
Garden and fort saint John : Free
Museum: 9.50 euros

Open everyday from 10 to 8PM but closed every Tuesday, December 25th and may 1st


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