Specialities of Marseille

The pastis

This is a very emblematic alcohol from Marseille.Very popular, it’s an alcoholic drink perfumed with anise and liquorice and mixed with water.This is a hard liquor that people drink during the “apero” right before lunch or diner.

The panisses


The panisses are a porridge of chick pea floor mixed with water and salt.
Once fried, it is sliced and makes perfect snacking.
The panisse were originally a dish of the poor meant to fill the belly, it now represents l’Estaque, a small village in the north of the city.

The Gambetta

This syrup of vegetable extracts can be found exclusively in Provence.
It tastes delicious! You just need to add some beer, limonade, schwepps or even pastis!

The Bouïllabaisse

This delicious fish soup is the number one speciality of the city .
Back in time , the fishermen used to cook their unsold fishes till it boïl then lower the fire : here come the name : bouille (boïl) baisse (lower) bouillabaisse in provençal.
Today it became a gourmet dish .To enjoy the real traditional one I will advise you to go to Fonfon restaurant in the nice area of the Vallon des Auffes.This is the most renowned
Make sure to make a booking first.

140 rue du Vallon des Auffes

The Aïoli

Every friday, most restaurants will offer as their dish of the day ” L’aïoli “.
The traditional recipe is a gaelic and olive oil sauce that goes with cod and vegetables, it is absolutely yummy and cheap!

The Navettes

The navettes are a provençal pastry made of orange flower water.The tradition wants that we eat them to celebrate candlemas.
In order to taste the traditional recipe you need to got to :

Le four des navettes
136 rue Sainte 13007 Marseille
+33 (0)4 91 33 32 12


The soap of Marseille

Marseille soap

The soap of Marseille or  “Savon de Marseille” is made with vegetable olive oil and is an emblematic product of the city.
Its production started in 1371 in Marseille and it has been exported all over the world  ever since.
In order to guarantee its quality, the king of France Louis XIV regulated its formula.
The label “Savon de Marseille was exclusively reserved to soap made with 72% of olive oil.
Today, the name is not protected and there are a lot of copies. To recognize the traditional soap of Marseille you need these 4 characteristics : A cube shape, green or white color (the green is for the skin and the white more convenient to wash linen), a stamp on each side, 6 natural ingredients. You could also visit one of the last traditional soap factories:

La savonnerie le sérail

The honey of Marseille

honey pot lavanda honey honey of marseille

This one is  not a famous  speciality but a local beekeeper named Gérard Jourdan have put his hives in the city and produce a delicious honey 100% local. You will find  the honey of marseille, the honey of the calanques and he also have some lavanda honey that I know you like !You can find him every saturday morning at place de sebastopole market near cinq avenues metro station.

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