2 days in Marseille: an itinerary for your trip

By Nadège

Since you only spend 2 days in Marseille and there are so many great things to see and do, here is a selection of the best places.

A two days itinerary to get the most out of your stay in Marseille

Up in Marseille - Sea

 Morning Day 1 – Relax on the sea side

To start your 2 days trip in Marseille you can have a walk on the Vieux-port in the city center, from there you will see the fish market which has been there forever and sell fresh fish caught in the morning. You’ll have a look at all the historical monuments that you will visit later. The first beach is at a 20 minutes walk towards the Corniche kenedy, a long balcony on the sea with an amazing view on the Mediterranean. When you get there you can have a nice coffee with view on the sea at one of the many coffee shop along the coast.

 In the heart of Marseille – Visit Noailles Market

Out of the many markets Marseille has, Noailles market is the most atypical. Cheap, multicultural, colorful, you will find all the spices and ingredients you need to cook some good Mediterranean food and taste Asian or oriental dishes. Restaurants there are some of the cheapest of the city and the food is good. Open 8 till 7 pm Monday to Saturday

Up in Marseille - Noailles

 Afternoon Day 1 – Mucem and Fort Saint-Jean for a stroll out of time in Marseille

If you are staying only two days in Marseille, you cannot miss two of the most beautiful monuments of the south of France. Located at the most strategic point, at the entrance of the port, in the oldest neighborhood of Marseille, the Fort Saint-Jean offers an incredible view on the Pharo Park and on the sea, its Mediterranean garden, its rich history and the presence of the Mucem (The museum of the Mediterranean) inside the fort will amaze you.
Mucem 1 Esplanade J4, 13002 Marseille Open 11 till 6 pm – Closed on Thursday

View from Notre-dame-de-la-Garde

The Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of Marseille

You will be amazed by what you are about to see. The basilica of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde is the highest point of the city, perched up a hill, the “good mother” of the people of Marseille protect the city and its inhabitants who go there mostly to pray and light a candle for protection. You can visit the basilica and the fort for free and have a break at the restaurant hold by missionary sisters. Make sure you do not forget your camera!

jazz singer

Evening Day 1 – Jazz concert at La Caravelle bar

After a long day of visiting Marseille, you might want to relax around a cocktail in one of the best piano bar of Marseille. La Caravelle is located on the Vieux-port and will ravish you. The place attracts a lot of jazz lovers as it offers jazz concert. And the best spot to be sitting in is the balcony, make sure you get one of the table outside! The cocktails are exquisite and the good atmosphere guaranteed.

Jazz concert every Tuesday and Friday La Caravelle 34 Quai du Port, 13002 Marseille, France

Morning Day 2 – Discover the Calanques of Marseille

Seeing the best of Marseille in two days would be incomplete if you miss the “Calanques”. The National Park of the Calanques is accessible by boat from the Vieux-port. You can buy a tour of the Calanques from one of the boat company. You can as well take a bus, the first calanque is at only 30 minutes from the city center. Go to park of Montredon (bus 81) and you will get into the national park by foot, from there you can reach the calanque of Marseilleveyre or Callelongue after a good 4 hours walk. The itinerary is an easy one. Just bring some non-slippery shoes.

strawberry tart

Lunch at “La grotte”

The restaurant “La grotte” is a very good address if you are in the area of Callelongue, at the foot of the Calanques. The menu offers a provençal cuisine, the setting is cozy and the restaurant attracts hikers, people of the city who comes for the landscape and holidaymakers who rented a “shed” nearby. Callelongue is a small village where fishermen used to live in small sheds, there are now rented by tourists or occupied by locals.

Afternoon Day 2 – Visit the Panier the old town of Marseille

Back to the city center, the Panier is a charming small neighborhood with small streets and a lot of craft shops, artist studios, small cafes… As it is the oldest neighborhood of Marseille its facade and small alley are typical, the oldest building is l’hôtel de Cabre, 16th century. If you want to taste the best ice creams of Marseille, you are at the right place. Visit Le Glacier du Roi at Place de Lenche., they prepare home made ice creams with fresh seasonal fruits.

Street Art Marseille
Cathedral La major Marseille

The Cathedrale of La Major and the Terrasses du Port

During your visit of the Panier, take the direction of La Joliette, the business district. You will pass by the imposing Cathedral of La major the only cathedral of the 19th century ever built in France. And to finish your trip in Marseille, if you still have some energy left for shopping, Les Terrasses du Port, a big shopping center where you can buy local and traditional item will ravish you.

Diner Day 2 – L’eau à la Bouche – The best pizza of Marseille

If you are a fan of Pizza, you probably want to try this restaurant but make sure to book your table because it is very popular among Marseille people and seats are limited. Located on the Corniche Kennedy near the beach area, you will arrive right on time to enjoy the sunset. L’eau à la bouche 120 Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 13007 Marseille, France

This itinerary was made by me, I grew up in Marseille and I know the city very well, Only my thoughts and opinions are reflected. I am sure your stay will be amazing! Check out Specialities of Marseille to learn about the local food you must try!

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